Big Bad Daddies: A MFM Romance 2018-03-27T17:32:45+00:00

Project Description

J.L. Beck and Stacey Lewis bring you an over the top romance with enough steam to burst your Kindle and your panties.

Every girl needs a daddy, right?

Thanks to my mom leaving for vacation with her new billionaire husband the day after my nineteenth birthday, I end up with two.

They adore me, they protect me, and they provide me with undeniable pleasure.

There’s just one little problem…

My family has no idea that I’m seeing two men, let alone the fact that one of those men is my ex-stepdad. Mom’s throwing a party for all her rich and influential friends and she wants me to be there. Worst of all, she wants to set me up with my new step dad’s creepy son.

Mommy’s about to get the surprise of her life, because I’m no longer a little girl and I’m bringing my two Big Bad Daddies home with me.

-Instalove rules here so if you’re looking for a deeply plotted story you won’t find that here. What you will find is two over-the-top alphas commanding the woman they love. Drop those panties, and send the kids to bed. You’re about to see a whole new meaning to the word daddy.-

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