Looking for Pleasure (Nashville U, #2)

Sexy as hell

Music is the only thing I’ve ever been able to count on. I love playing it, singing to it, teaching it. Combining music and kids was a no-brainer – they’re both things I’ve always been good at. So what if I have to work at a less-than-savory location to help pay my tuition.

I’m so close to getting my degree…until I meet him.

He’s everything a girl could want in a guy and he knows it. A brilliant musician, with the ability to play any instrument he touches. I could watch his long fingers all day long.

Punk rock
Way too young
Off limits

After one night together, I’m sure I’ve found the kind of girl I write about in songs, but she’s my student. She’s off-limits, and even though I’d do just about anything for one more night, it’s not possible.

She’s doing her best to seduce me…
And it just might ruin us both.

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