The contract is simple…

One: She’ll have my baby.
Two: I’ll pay off her sister’s debts.

It should be been simple, hell it should be easy to follow the rules since they’re right there in black and white…but it isn’t.

“Promise you won’t fall in love with me.”

I’ve loved her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Convincing her to have my baby is only the beginning.

Now that I have her where I want her, beside me and beneath me every night, it should be easy to claim her as mine…but it’s not.

The pain that comes from loving someone terrifies her, and she’s adamant she won’t take that leap.

Proving to her I’m not like all the rest is going to be tough as hell, even more so when I discover all the insecurities
she’s hiding under sarcasm and meaningless sex.

She made me promise not to fall in love, but she forgot to put it in the contract.

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